Salami / Black Pudding Casings

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25 Pack Butchers Black Pudding Casing - Plastic Cut Clipped and Looped 50cm Length
This 25 pack of plastic shrinkable black pudding cases gives you a consistent diameter and offers the following benefits. Supplied in bundles of 25. The lay flat is 110mm and a length of 50cm. This casing is suitable for a temperature from -40°C to +110°C. 
5 Pack Butchers Black Pudding Sausage Skins
Use our Fibrous Pudding Casings as your butcher would .......So much better than plastic ......Our Number 2.5 Black fibrous cut pieces are ideal for making 3lb (1.36k) Black Pudding sticks. These casings have a stuffed diameter of approx 65-70mm....
RRP: £3.59
Artificial Fibrous Salami Casings Clear 2.5
Our size 2.5 Clear fibrous cut pieces are ideal for making 3lb (1.36k) sticks of various sausage & salami's etc.With our fibrous casings, your product will have a tight and polished appearance, as well as being very easy to slice, suitable for any butchers counter or at home!